Montessori fraction learning math game with wooden dice, pictures and symbol cards

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This Montessori fraction learning math set includes
1) 10 fraction skittles. Fraction Skittles are 9 cm tall
2) Wooden tray 27cm*6.5cm
3) 13 picture cards
4) 10 symbol cards
5) wooden dice
6) Detailed instruction with pictures provided
7) extra set of skittles (optional) : 2 halves, 3 thirds, 4 quarter

The concept of fractions can be difficult for children to grasp in the abstract, the fraction skittles give a concrete three dimensional experience of how one whole skittle can be divided into halves, thirds and quarters. They also demonstrate that 2 quarters are equivalent to 1 half.

The fractions can also be weighed on a balance scale to give another concrete experience of the differences in their size.

The fraction skittles are colour coded to give the child a control of error.