Montessori Math : Introduction of Division board

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Montessori Math Material - Division Board



In our classroom, I let children try materials when they show interest.

Today, princess has interest on the long division material. Therefore, I use the material to introduce division. Well, princess only knows basic addition and subtraction and no knowledge of multiplication.   Instead of using the inverse of multiplication, we introduce ‘fair sharing’

Fair sharing – all beads are shared for all skittles and everyone should have the same amount of beads



To make it more interest, we pick one equation and play doctor game.

The question is 20 divided by 4

Princess is the doctor. There are 20 pills and 4 sick people. Doctor needs to distribute the pills to the patients.

In this case, each patient has 5 pills.

Doctor gives instruction that patients only take one pill per day, then princess said they need 5 days to finish all the pills.

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