About US

Welcome to CANMOM!


I’m a wife, mum and Montessori math teacher.
When I had my first child, I started to look at Montessori learning
Not only the children got benefit from such amazing method, me as well. It changes my eyes to children. I learnt to observe from children’s eyes.
Now I also use Montessori math materials for Math lesson in our Montessori Math Centre.

I enjoy teaching math and help others to teach their kids. Math can be a fun subject to learn.

However, children get scared by all exercise books and formulas. Through Montessori work, children can visualize the Math. I want to promote Montessori teaching method and let more children enjoy Math.

Making Montessori materials give me an opportunity to do this. I make the materials and the instruction with pictures. Anyone can use my materials even if he/she doesn’t know Montessori at all.

I believe more parents will give Montessori method a try if the materials are more affordable. Then more children will get benefit from it.