Why continents have different color in Montessori geography

In Montessori world, 7 continents have their own color for most Montessori materials. 

Each continent is in a particular colour to encourage memory by association. For example, most South America materials are in pink color including colored globe, continent boxes, etc. When the child see pink box, he/she will recognize that's for South America.

The color not only make a colorful world for children, but also provides correlation of continent and landform as well.  

Features of Montessori World Map 

Motor skill / Eye and hand coordination

The world map works not only focusing on the memory of the continents, it also provide a motor skill exercise. The child works on the little hands' muscle to fit the continent pieces into respective slot. This task strengthens eye and hand coordination 

Continent locations awareness

It is challenging for a young learner to memorize the continents locations. The Montessori world map provides a fun learning task. By moving the continent puzzle pieces, child develop a spatial understanding of the geographic locations of continents. 

    Buying tips:

    When purchasing Montessori Geography materials, it is important to check the continents matched Montessori standard colors. The colors in Montessori materials are not only make them prettier, it has its own purpose. It will be confusing for children if different materials has different colors for the same continents.