Why Montessori bead bars have different colours?

In Montessori Math, there are specific color for number 1-9.  These coloured bead bars are used in many Montessori mathematics tasks. 

Children learn the colours with their numbers starting with Montessori bead bars

1- red

2 - green 

3- pink

4 - yellow

5 - light blue

6 - purple

7 - white

8 - brown

9 - dark blue

10 - gold


 Child counts the number of beads in each bar and match them with the corresponding number. 

You can use the colored bead bars with wooden number tiles. 

Or use our number learning board with bead bars



Then we use the same color scheme for the math materials in higher level math. 

Like skip counting to multiplication table

Like these Montessori bead chains


Other math concepts also use the same color for 1-9 like

square number

cube number

algebra x^2, x^3


When a child see the bead color, he/she immediately associate the number for this color.  This helps a child to memory the math fact much more easily. 

You can see in the video below.   Our boy put all the bead bars without counting them. He sees the color, he knows the number right away. 

(Story behind the camera:  I asked our top designer&user (my big boy) to take a video for our new product - wooden number board with bead bars. 

However, he failed....

He is so used to the bead colours and put all the bars without counting them. )