Montessori double digits learning place value math set

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This Montessori material is used to introduce tens and units. It is good for learning number 1-99.
Children have visual experience on place value (tens and units) through the Montessori work.
With this Montessori toy, a child won't get confuse with 2 digits numbers

Montessori learning number math set includes
1) 9 Montessori bead bars (1- 9)
2) 9 Montessori ten bars
3) 9 units wooden cards
4) 9 tens wooden cards
5) wooden box

number : 56
Some children say that's 5,6
but it is 5 tens and 6 units
Child put 5 ten bars and 6 units. With this Montessori work, child visualize the difference between tens and units.

Step 1:
Child counts the Montessori bead bars 1 to 9
Child build bead stairs

Step 2:
Child matches the units wooden cards with the Montessori bead bars

Step 3:
Child puts the tens wooden card and find the corresponding bead bars

Step 4:
Child puts the tens and unit wooden cards and find the corresponding bead bars

Please be patient for the children work. Move to the next step when the child masters the current step.

***This material is very easy to understand and use. Give it a try and you will be surprise that double digits is so easy! ******