Montessori make ten math game / snake game

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Montessori math learning toy. This making 10 math set includes
1) 2 sets of Montessori bead bars (1- 9). Total 18 rainbow bead bars
2) 10 Montessori ten bars
3) 11 pages of snake game **digital copy

This Montessori material is used to work on making 10 and introduction of addition.
Children have visual experience on making 10 by exchanged the color beads to golden bead ten

Step 1:
Child uses bead bars to copy the snake shown on the question paper.

Step 2:
Child counts the bead bars.
Exchange to ten bead bars whenever the counting hits 10

Step 3:
Count the numbers of ten bars for answer

Step 4
Child check his/her answer by matching the ten bar with the bead bars group
Each group has ten beads. This step reinforce the concept of making 10