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This Montessori math learning set includes
1) fraction skittles (one wooden tray, 10 skittles, 13 picture cards, 10 symbol cards)
2) skip counting set (10 chains and 10 squares)
3) bead stair (bead bar 1-9)
4) decimal system (one thousand cube, 9 hundred squares, 9 ten bars, 20 golden bead, wooden unit base, wooden number 1-9999 with wooden storage box)

Montessori fraction skittles set includes
1) 10 fraction skittles. Fraction Skittles are 9 cm tall
2) Wooden tray 27cm*6.5cm
3) 13 picture cards
4) 10 symbol cards

The concept of fractions can be difficult for children to grasp in the abstract, the fraction skittles give a concrete three dimensional experience of how one whole skittle can be divided into halves, thirds and quarters. They also demonstrate that 2 quarters are equivalent to 1 half.

The fractions can also be weighed on a balance scale to give another concrete experience of the differences in their size.

The fraction skittles are colour coded to give the child a control of error.

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Bead bars:
This activity helps the child learn to associate the quantities 1 through 19 with their numerals (matching the beads with the numbers)
Child counts beads one by one. It is a good practice for fine motor skills.
With the ten bead bar, it teaches children place value of tens and units

Skip counting set:
- bead bars 1-10
- bead chains 1-10
- bead squares 1-10
- arrows (digital copy)
- skip counting worksheet for recording work (digital copy)
- detail instruction with pictures

- shortest: one bead chain is 1.5 inch
- longest: ten bead chain is 35 inches

This skip counting activity teaches the child skip counting which is preparation for multiplication. It also indirectly prepares the child to understand squaring numbers.

At its simplest, this activity is good for practicing number order. That after 29 comes 30, and after 39 comes 40, etc.

On the next level, it illustrates skip counting; counting by twos or threes or fives.

An older child will see the multiplication tables from these chains.

Montessori bead squares:
It is for the learning of squares of 1-9.
Child fold the bead chain into square and impose the bead square.
Child learns the square value will be the total beads of the chains. It indirectly prepares the child to understand square numbers.

Decimal system:
1 thousand cube
2) 9 hundreds
3) 9 tens bars
4) 20 units (you only need 18 units for work. the rest are for spare)
5) a base for 9 units (It only have 9 holes not 10 holes. When there is 10 units. those units need to exchange to ten bead bar)
6) purchase with wooden number

This Montessori math decimal set is good for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without CARRY or BORROW needed. This material provides the visual experience of Math.

This Montessori material is used to introduce thousand, hundred, tens and units.