Montessori Math place value bundle / Montessori math toys / addition/ subtraction/ double digits / homeschool / gift for children

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This Montessori math place value learning set includes

- 1 thousand cube
- 9 hundreds
- 20 tens bars
- 50 units (you only need 18 units for work. the rest are for spare)
- 2 bases for 9 units (It only have 9 holes not 10 holes. When there is 10 units. those units need to exchange to ten bead bar)
- wooden number 1-9999 with wooden storage box
- 2 color matched dices (green for unit, blue for ten)
- a sturdy cotton bag to put all decimal system. Wooden number will be in the custom wooden box for storage

This Montessori math place value learning set is good for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This material provides the visual experience of Math.
This Montessori math material is used to introduce thousand, hundred, tens and units.

For details of place value, please go to

With the game dices, children can learn regrouping addition as well
Learning addition with fun game
For details, please go to

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