Montessori Multiplication wheel / times table bead chains with wooden tags

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Montessori inspired multiplication times wheel.
It is a visual learning tool for multiplication, times table
This material is used for preparation of multiplication.
Age range: elementary math level (approx. age 6-12)
Child can use it once he/she familiar with Montessori bead chains. It is transition between Montessori bead chains and Montessori multiplication board.

This Montessori math set includes
- 11inch wooden times table wheel, natural wood and natural non toxic finishing

- optional: 100 wooden arrows for number 1-10
- optional: 1-10 bead bar stair
- optional: tray for holding bead stair

when we do skip counting of five
we take out the chain 5
and all wooden tags
5, 10,15,20,25....., 50

He can also record the number for skip counting of 5.

When a child counts short bead chain 5, it reinforces the pattern of 5 in his mind.
It comes naturally for a child when you introduce the multiplication.
It also provides the visual experience for the group of 5.