Montessori wooden educational puzzle / knobless cylinders set / kids gift / summer learning toy / kids busy bag

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This Montessori et includes 20 colorful knobless cylinders
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It is a sensory material in Montessori. Extension for Montessori cylinder blocks.
This set includes 20 cylinders grouped in four different colours
1. Cylinders vary in height and diameter (yellow)
2. Cylinders vary in height and diameter (green)
3. Cylinders vary in diameter (red)
4. Cylinders vary in height (blue)

If you would like to get knobbed and knobless cylinders.
There is a set for it

1) Grading the cylinders by size
2) To train the eyes to perceive fine differences in dimensions
3) To recognize difference and similarities when compare different sets
4) Co-ordination of movement
Also, it works with Montessori cylinder blocks (sold separately)


Build A Tower
1. The directress places the cylinders in a random order as they are taken out.
2. The directress selects the largest, placing it away from the other cylinders. Pause.
3. The directress lets the child see she is deliberately selecting the next larger cylinder. She places the cylinder concentrically on top of the largest cylinder in one movement. She
continues choosing the cylinders in order and builds a tower.

Grade The Cylinders
1. The directress arranges the cylinders in order of size beginning with the largest.
2. She shows the child how to move carefully and place the cylinders so
they are touching one another.

The biggest cylinder is 3cm in height and 3cm in diameter
The smallest cylinder is 1cm in height and 1cm in diameter

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